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The Creative Mentoring Services of Gordon Wood Art & Design

Gordon Wood is a gifted artist with a unique style of expressing his personal vision.  He demonstrates great respect for the emerging vision of his students, as well.  He has encouraged me to silence my harsh inner critic, thereby gaining more freedom to experiment.  He has patiently reinforced my trust in the ongoing artistic process.  Most importantly, perhaps, he has helped me expand my idea of what is possible for me as a painter and validated my efforts toward realizing those possibilities.

Joyce Quick, Seattle, WA


Within agreed to time frames, we explore the participant’s access to awareness and to knowledgeable transformation through creative and artistic endeavors. We will develop dedication to open and focused reciprocity that taps into cognition, intuition and collective consciousness. We delve below surfaces into an awareness of our senses that is accessible to us while emphasizing the timeless and universal qualities inherent in this open exploration focusing on the process and work itself rather than only the results. We direct participants through disciplined guidance encompassing the nature of conception and metaphor integrated with a present-in-the-moment consciousness. We emphasize imagination fused with the broad dimensions of reality infused with techniques that lead us to develop and produce art of enduring and endearing value.

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Our purpose is to have FUN as we investigate the participant’s creative potential.

We will:
Discover how to explore without being self-conscious.
Cultivate reciprocity, cognition, intuition, and imagination, with dynamic and authentic techniques.
Commence travel over the paths leading to mastery of the tools of artistic agency.
Generate individual and collective wonder through artwork*** capturing essence and knowledge in expanding our search for meaning.

Please contact me with inquiries and interest. Additional information may be forwarded via email or USPS.

Evo :


  • A gradual process in which something changes the abstract into a different and more complex form.
  • The process of developing


  • To develop or achieve gradually.
  • To undergo gradual change


  • To re-creation, especially by means of imagination.
  • To summon or call forth.


  • Re-creation through the power of memory and imagination.



  • Generative – Relating to the production of young, birthing.
  • Involving the ability to produce, to originate in activity and results.


  • Liberal in giving and sharing.
  • Marked by abundance.
  • Possessing a rich bouquet and flavor.
  • Characterized by nobility and forebearance in thought and/or behavior, magnanimous.



  • A trip or expedition from one place to another.
  • A gradual passing from one state to another regarded as more advanced, for example, from innocence
    to mature awareness. To travel to a place or over a particular distance.

***The medium or media is of your choosing.